Wednesday Sketch – New Elephantmen Cover

You probably remember the cover to ‘Elephantmen’ #29 from last year, the print of which is on-sale now for only $20 as part of our Print-A-Poolza event. It’s exciting to reveil that another is on the way! Here’s a collage of concepts for the brand new ‘Elephantmen’ cover that will be coming out soon. Which one of these is your favorite?


(Click for a larger view.)

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Sketch – New Elephantmen Cover

  1. i love everything you do honestly ! 🙂 but the look on the face of the girl with the rino <>profile is just really intersestibg … plus you put emphasis on the horn on top of the head … i think ist great … (im french by the way not very good in english ..)

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