What’s Up in 2009 ?!

I thought I’d do something from the left-side of my brain and list off what I know to be going on in 2009 (so far). Lots of times conventions or events come up last minute or I get invites during the year, so take this as a preliminary schedule. And believe me, 2009 is shaping up to be as packed as 2008, though with a few less gallery shows, but more conventions and some special events, and toy and book releases!!


February 5:  Print Release Party at Ad Hoc Art Gallery, NY

February 6-8:  New York Comic Con

February 27 – March 1:   Wondercon San Francisco

March 6: Gallery 1988 Group Show Inauguration (I’ll be there!)

April 4-5:   Emerald City Comic Con

April 10:  My Plastic Heart Chinese Zodiac Show

April 11: Grafuck Release and Show

April 16:  Release Party in Portland (tbc)

April 18 – 19: Stumptown Comic Fest

May 23 – 25: Anime North Toronto

May 29 – 31:  A-Kon Dallas

June 1:  Kokeshi Show at JANMA

June 12-14:  Anime Evolution Vancouver

July 16: Crazy 4 Cult Show at Gallery 1988 LA

July 23 – 26:  San Diego Comic Con

August 13 – 16: Singapore Toy & Comic Con

September 11: Thinkspace Show with Caia Koopman

November 15: Vancouver Comic Con

November:  Show at Opera Gallery (dates tbc)

December: Release Party II at El Kartel Vancouver (tbc)

Wow, so that looks like a mighty tower of stuff! I’m also planning new print releases, new merchandise from collaborations with mega cool companies is coming out, and I’ll also be releasing new tshirts and some clothing throughout the year.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you’ll be along for the ride in 2009!

Camilla ^_^

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