WIP of New Zebra Shark Painting

Hey y’all, this is the continuation of the zebra shark painting I started in the live painting class at Anime Evolution in August.  It took me a while to get to it, but here is a WIP shot.  I’ll soon announce what this is for and where it will be on display.

Zebra Milk 1

For anyone who missed it, here is the video from when I started the piece.

Back to the guitar I’m painting now …


4 thoughts on “WIP of New Zebra Shark Painting

  1. wow! Loved this video; always love seeing other artists’ processes. Loved also hearing you speak about your concepts and ideas. Would love to see you laying down colors and how you work with that, since that’s always such a huge part of your work!

    Also: This has to be one of my most favorite pieces from you so far- something about the shark and the colors just sings to me! : D can’t wait to find out what it’s for!

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